DIY Easy Succulent Terrarium

If you have ever wanted a pretty houseplant with very little upkeep then get your gardening gloves ready!  I am going to walk you through how to make a simple terrarium that will look gorgeous and require almost no maintenance at all.  This quick and easy terrarium should not cost you very much to put together, but you’ll want to make it outside as it can be quite messy!

Materials needed:

  • A glass container (fishbowl, punch bowl) or a large pot – free if you find something at home to use

  • rocks (I used white marble rocks for contrast) – around $5 for a bag

  • moss (I bought a brick of it, just add water) – around $4

  • soil – around $5 for a bag

  • variety of succulents – between $3 – $5 per plant (I used 11 plants for what I would consider a pretty large terrarium


  • Find a suitable container – almost anything can be used!  This is your chance to be creative and repurpose something lying around your house.  My container was salvaged from a bunch of items that were going to be thrown away.

  • Add a layer of rocks to the bottom of your container.

  • Next will be the layer of moss.  I bought a brick of moss from the local greenhouse.  You add water to the brick and it expands to 12x it’s size!  The layer of moss helps to retain water which will keep your plants hydrated with very little attention from you!

  • Add a thick layer of soil.  I used a Miracle Grow bag which was especially for starting out new plants and promoting healthy root growth however you can use any kind.  A lot of people recommend using a dry “sand” type of soil.

  • Arrange your plants in a way that pleases your eye!  Let your inner garden-artist shine.

  • Push your plants into the soil and then add more soil on top and around the plants to secure them.

  • Anchor your plants in the container by placing more rocks on top – this also adds to the overall visual beauty of your new masterpiece.


Mist every once in awhile with water from a spray bottle. The soil needs to stay dry and the moss at the bottom of your container will retain moisture to keep the plants hydrated. The plants need light however they do not have to be in direct sunlight, these can be kept anywhere in your house that has indirect sunlight.

Enjoy nature’s beauty!