Organize My Shoes? Yes Please!

Those who know me personally are well aware how much of an organize freak that I can be. With my hectic busy life it is important that I fully utilize my hours in a day. Friends, family and co workers are convinced I’m some kind of robot that never sleeps. I must admit I don’t sleep much more than 5 hours a night but that is all that I need.

Shoes all over my closet floor has always been a pet peeve of mine and having to dig through them to find that perfect pair that will go with my outfit was always a tedious task. A task that is guaranteed to end in me finding brand new shoes I didn’t even remember I had and piles of shoes outside my closet that seemed to mysteriously always end up tossed back in the closet.

I own a fair amount of shoes and boots although not many very high heels, mostly due to the fact I cannot walk in them at all and no matter how much I’ve tried to I feel like a horse galloping. The catwalk strut is just one thing I could not get right!

Last summer I decided it was time to organize this part of my life and my shoe organizing project began….

Being as frugal as much as I am an organization freak, first thing I did was watch the flyers for shoe storage containers to go on sale. The local Canadian Tire here had them on sale a 5 pack for $3.99 which was a fairly good deal so I ran out and stocked up after going to two different locations buying up all they had. Ended up with a bit more than I needed but had no doubt that they would be filled in no time.

Took photos of all my shoes and printed them on my home computer and decided to laminate them all.

Taped all the pictures to the outside front of box and placed my shoes inside. (only some of my shoes in the picture)

shoes filled

I am loving how organized my shoes are the only downfall is its harder to convince my husband why I need yet another pair of new shoes. We are currently in the process of a master bedroom complete makeover which includes a huge closet wardrobe because of course I need more room for more shoes!

”Really and truly you can never have too many pairs; they are all different. You need a pair for every mood –

and everyone knows that women have a lot of different moods.” – Anonymous