You Rock Valentine!

Tomorrow my boys’ class will be having their Valentines party.  Every year I struggle with what to do and end up the night before running to the local department store to grab a generic box of cards and do the mad dash to fill them all out. This year thanks to Pinterest I was pinspired by many different ides and combined them into one.

yourock Valentine

Most of the supplies for making these I had left over from our wedding way back when, stored away for that day I found a good use for them! Due to all the snow we have still on the ground we were unable to collect rocks from outside but managed to buy a bag at the Dollar store for you guessed it $1.00.

We love doing crafts together as a family and is a great chance to bond with my kids. Hubby and the boys painted and glued the eyes on the rocks while I designed, printed and cut the tags and made the instructions for caring for the Pet Rocks to be included in each bag.

The instructions are hard to read in the picture but this is what they say:

Caring for your Pet Rock

  • Before you do anything else you must name your rock and choose whether it’s a boy or girl rock.
  • Feed your pet rock! It can’t eat physical objects, so provide it with food for its other senses, such as sight, touch, smell, and hearing.
  • Paint or print a pretty picture. Rocks prefer scenery, such as a forest, lakes.
  • Play some music. Classical music will do nicely.
  • To build a house for your pet rock, take a small shoebox and cut a small window in the side.
  • Create a rug by cutting a piece of felt and gluing it to the bottom of the box.
  • Your rock’s favorite color is the same as yours! Use this color for decorating the house.
  • Travel with your pet rock! Bring it on a vacation or just take a walk outside with your pet.
  • Try not to lose your pet rock. Keep it safe at all times. Put it in your pocket or in your backpack.
  • Always protect your rock when going into dirty or foreign places. Rocks can get sick too!
  • Have a birthday party! Your Pets Birthday is February 14th.

Both my boys are in the same grade 1 class, so I was able to make one of these for each kid from the both of them . They are super excited to bring them to school tomorrow to give to their classmates and teacher!