DIY Bedroom Wall Collage Using Upcycled Frames.

Over the past while I have been drooling admiring, the many different wall collage ideas I have seen on Pinterest. In the past two weeks I managed to get Pinspired and do a wall collage for our master bedroom wall upcycling old picture frames. It is not complete but close. Id like to add a few more things to it, filling in some gaps.  Will update with the finished project with the master bedroom makeover reveal.

wall collage good

Apologies for the poor photo qualities, investing in a good camera is on the top of my to do list!

Project info:

Frames – $15.00 purchased  from second hand/thrift stores and spray painted them all with spray paint purchased from Michales.

Spray paint (black and silver) $7.00 used 50 percent off one item coupons at Michaels

You and me lettering and ampersand sign  $7.00 from Walmart

Laugh, Dream, Letter P and letter B sign – $8.00 using 50 percent off one item at Michaels coupons

Love sign $1.00 from Dollar store at valentines was red spray painted it black.

Scrap book paper I had from a booklet of them from Michaels $ .50

Total project cost = $38.50

.wallcollage me


You’re So Vain….

You probably think this post is about you, Don’t you? Don’t you? Every time I sit down at  my new bedroom vanity I received for my 40th birthday last December, this oldie but goodie song by Carly Simon manages to pop in my head.

bedroom vanity

Like I manage to do with just about everything I find myself analyzing why this happens. Is it possible that after 40 years I’ve suddenly become vain or is it because I like to associate music to almost everything in my life or maybe the vanity has aided me in finally finding the confidence in my own beauty?

I have always wanted my own vanity since being a little girl and now I wish I would have invested in one sooner in life. Something about sitting in front of a vanity with the mirror and lights getting myself ready empowers my self-confidence.

Vanity table (Ikea) = $120.00
Lights (Ikea)= 19.99 each- $39.98
Chair and cover $20.00

Boost in my self-confidence = PRICELESS

DIY Unique Photo Jar

Displaying family photos around the home is something I love to do, but you only have so many walls to put them on. I’ve seen a lot of different ideas including putting them on wood blocks, blankets, mugs, and calendars to name a few. The idea I loved the most was using a mason jar, oil and placing the photo inside to give it an antique, rustic look!

What you will need

Mason Jar
Picture (black and white)
Olive Oil
Decorations for top of jar


Fill your jar 3 quarters full of olive oil

Place your picture in jar using a long spoon or spatula to help position it

Top off the jar to desired amount of olive oil and place lid on

Attach decorations to lid of the jar (you can also put ribbon around the neck of the jar to dress it up a bit more be creative!)


Total cost for this project was .50 for mason jar at thrift store, .05 to print picture at home, .75 for the flower on top from Michaels  and approx 1.50 for the olive oil = $2.80!

The picture when the jar is moved did tend to move around in the jar, suggest using something heavy like a rock and gluing lightly the bottom part of picture to the rock to weight it down and keep it in place.

You can use any size of Jar and picture, you can even make a display of different sizes to put on a shelf.


I made this  for my very dear friend Debra. I downloaded the picture of her mom and dads wedding she had on Facebook and surprised her with this last summer and she absolutely loved it. Little did I know at the time how precious this would become to her as sadly she lost both her parents in November of 2012.