I’m no Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes.

Cake decorating is something I only do once in a while and only on very special occasions for people who are dear to me. Those of you who have ever decorated a cake may relate to why this is. For myself it usually involves countless hours of baking, icing, putting on the fondant, making the decorations for the cake and applying the finishing touches.

Although I’m no Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes, the smile on the face of the person/people when they see their cakes for the first time sure make me feel like I am!

Here are a few cakes I have made over the last couple of years.

Super Mario: I made this for my boys 4th birthday. Completely edible except for the Mario and Luigi figurines. The green tube i made out of an ice-cream cone, covered in green fondant and black icing in the middle of it.

mario cake

Bugs: Both my boys are fascinated with bugs so made this for their 5th Birthday. Bugs are edible made and shaped out of Rice Krispies then covered in fondant.

bug cale

Monsters: Monster splash was the theme for my boys 6th birthday. You can find more ideas for that theme here.

Monster Cake

Disney Princess: Made for my nieces Disney Princess themed 2nd birthday. All edible except the Disney Princess figurines.

Princess Cake

Toilet Cake: Saved the best one for last:) Made on request for my good friends husbands 40th. Everything is edible except the board it is sitting on, and yes even the poo!

toilet cake


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