You’re So Vain….

You probably think this post is about you, Don’t you? Don’t you? Every time I sit down at  my new bedroom vanity I received for my 40th birthday last December, this oldie but goodie song by Carly Simon manages to pop in my head.

bedroom vanity

Like I manage to do with just about everything I find myself analyzing why this happens. Is it possible that after 40 years I’ve suddenly become vain or is it because I like to associate music to almost everything in my life or maybe the vanity has aided me in finally finding the confidence in my own beauty?

I have always wanted my own vanity since being a little girl and now I wish I would have invested in one sooner in life. Something about sitting in front of a vanity with the mirror and lights getting myself ready empowers my self-confidence.

Vanity table (Ikea) = $120.00
Lights (Ikea)= 19.99 each- $39.98
Chair and cover $20.00

Boost in my self-confidence = PRICELESS


5 thoughts on “You’re So Vain….

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