Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color.


Both my boys love coloring and doing anything arts and crafts related. Cayden one of my twin boys, in particular is what I as his mother would consider an exceptional little artist. One day last summer they were both outside playing while I made them lunch . As I went outside to call them in to eat I noticed this drawn outside with each color of chalk corresponding laying on top of it.

It instantly stopped me in my tracks as I was amazed not only at the creativeness, but to me it had a meaning.: Nothing should be separated by color (except laundry, or in this case his artistic drawing). Daily I try to instill the values in my children that we are all equal, that just because someone may look different, live a different lifestyle or have different views doesn’t mean they are not the same as us.

I would like to think in this day and age that this is no longer an issue with our society, that as a world we have acceptance and passion for each other. Sadly on a daily basis I am reminded that this is not the case, but I will not give up hope for a better world full of acceptance for our children as I watch them grow and will continue to instill the value that as humans we are all equal.

This picture posted above I put the quote on it as his picture inspired that meaning to me. Plans are to have this printed and put up in our laundry room once we are done renovating. Not only as a reminder of the meaning of the quote but as well a reminder of how our young children without even knowing they are can inspire us.

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Work full time as a Senior Community Specialist for EA (Electronic Arts) gaming company. Mother of very active twin 6 year old boys. I am a confessed social media addict, compulsive multitasker, organization freak and Pinterest addict! Personal blogging is a newly acquired hobby. Best known for not ever sleeping :)

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