DIY Reusable Eco Friendly Dryer Sheets

Popular store-bought dryer sheets and fabric softeners are said to contain many harmful ingredients including: benzyl alcohol respiratory tract irritant, benzyl acetate which is linked to pancreatic cancer and ethanol which is linked to central nervous system disorders to name a few.

Dryer sheets are made for the chemicals to release during the drying process to stay in your clothes for an extended period of time. This means those same chemicals used for making them have the possibility of being inhaled or absorbed into your skin in small amounts.

There are many different methods around for getting rid of static in the dryer, tin foil, tennis balls, dryer balls ect. None of these leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean, as well as personally I have not had great experience with the results of these methods and was getting frustrated with my clothes clinging to me because I refused to use dryer sheets. I thought to myself there must be an easier way to get rid of the static and still have my clothes smelling clean and fresh without using any chemicals in the process.

Pinterest once again came to the rescue when I noticed a pin about making homemade dryer sheets using regular fabric softener and it hit me. Why can’t I do this but use an softener that was plant-based softener and essential oils to soften?

The answer was I could!

What you will need

cotton or flannel rags (old shirts cut up)
eco-friendly fabric softener (Seventh Generation brand or similar)
container with lid


Fill a container about half full of your fabric softener

Next place rags into container ensuring they are fully soaked and covered

Put lid on the container and let sit for 24 hours. Shake container occasionally to ensure rags are fully covered in fabric softener.

Remove rags from container and hang to dry.

Once dry store your fabric sheets in a jar with a lid to keep them fresh and so you do not lose any of the smell out of them.

Place one sheet in dryer with your clothes and start dryer.

Notes: Sheets last approx 12 loads if you find they are not working good I usually toss in another sheet.

Using these my clothes do not have static and they smell fresh and clean.


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