Double Trouble, Double the Fun or Double the Stress?

Raising twin boys has been one of the most challenging things I have had to do in my life, but also the most rewarding. For the last 6 plus years my life has been filled with lots of stress, tears and most importantly love.

Having not had any other children I cannot compare raising twins to raising one child, but I can say it is filled with a lot of challenges that do not come with or, are different from those that come with raising siblings 9 months or more apart.

There are a few challenges we faced that stick out in my mind more than others:

Sleeping the first year just never happened. Both my babies were on different schedules not matter how hard we tried to get them on the same one. Between making 32 bottles and being up every half hour feeding, rocking or changing a diaper, sleep deprivation became the norm for us.

The first time they both were really sick was at about 6 months old. My Husband was at work and I was at home working running my own online party supply business. Both my boys were extremely sick throwing up non stop and I was sitting there panicking and crying as I was scared they were both going to choke and couldn’t choose who to pick up first, so I had each of them over one of my shoulders for almost the entire day getting sick on me. I remember calling my mom who lived out-of-town at the time crying hysterically saying I cant do this I cannot be a mom. Her words of encouragement and support got me through the day till my husband got home from work.

Grocery shopping by myself was impossible. When you have one baby most people put them in their car seat in the front of the cart and groceries in the back. Well I’d have to place a baby in each of those so there would be nowhere to put the groceries.

Bonding with my boys when they were babies was tough as they have always had to share right from birth and I believe this is a huge contributing factor to why they sometimes compete for attention still to this day.

Both of them being at the same age and stages has made it challenging in teaching them right from wrong at times. When they would do things they were not supposed to like throwing food ect they would get a reaction (usually a laughing one) from their sibling as they also had not gone through this learning stage and everything becomes a game and funny.

Babysitters are hard to find for twins especially hyper boys like mine. Most younger kids who are able to babysit cannot handle two of them at once so that left us with asking family mostly to help us out when in a pinch or ready to snap :)

Two things you should never say to parents of twins “Oh you’re so lucky to have twins so much easier and you get it all over with at once.” and ” Mine are a year apart its the same as having twins” I heard both of these countless times and every-time it literally made my skin crawl as in my mind there is no comparison when you’re a mother of multiples.

The special bond that twins share cannot be explained in words but if I had to explain it in one word it would probably be extraordinary.I have no doubt they will be life long best friends and be playing tricks on girls about which one they are, claiming to be the other (they have tried this on me and a few other family members and teachers already.) They are fraternal not identical twins but they look very much alike and still till this day are hard to tell apart at times.

The funniest moment for me when they were babies was the morning I got up to feed them and noticed some green tape on both of them, turned on the light to see my husband in the middle of the night had written their names on painting tape as it was the only thing he could find around him and stuck the on them. When I asked him why he did that he said cause he panicked in the middle of the night when he got up to give them a bottle and couldn’t remember which one he had fed and who was who :)

Or let’s not forget about the time when they were potty training and decided to have a peeing contest all over my bathroom wall!

Raising twins has had as many ups as downs but my boys are my everything and I am extremely blessed to have them in my life. I am equally fortunate to have an extremely supportive husband involved in raising our children. He has stood beside me through the good and bad times that come with being parents. With out him I probably would not be able to be the best mom I am capable of to our boys, for this I am very grateful to him.

Double Trouble, Double the Fun or Double the Stress.? I would consider it Double the Love, Laughter and Happiness! as all of those make the stressful times disappear.

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Work full time as a Senior Community Specialist for EA (Electronic Arts) gaming company. Mother of very active twin 6 year old boys. I am a confessed social media addict, compulsive multitasker, organization freak and Pinterest addict! Personal blogging is a newly acquired hobby. Best known for not ever sleeping :)

One thought on “Double Trouble, Double the Fun or Double the Stress?

  1. They DO really look alike, even if they aren’t identical — I would have trouble telling them apart, too! Little cutiepies, though, and the memories of any hard times when they were children do fade a lot as they get older, thankfully!

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