Monster Splash Birthday Party Ideas

Themes and birthday parties for me are like peanut butter and jam, each one is good on their own but both of them together is spectacular.

Every year I look forward to planning my boy’s birthday party and picking out a theme with them. My favorite theme to date we have done was the Monster Splash Birthday theme. Being their birthdays are in the middle of summer and we are fortunate to have an above ground pool this was a perfect fit.

Here are a few ideas of the things I did for this theme.

The invites signs and adoption certificates a good friend/co-worker of mine made for me based off of  invitations I had seen online I liked. You can check out her Etsy shop What the Hoot Designs .

Invitations : I received the file via email then uploaded them to Costco to be printed cost me under $5.00 to have 30 made.

Signs: Printed them all at home on my computer.

Put on our gate in the backyard welcoming our guests. The sign to the right was for our front yard. I had my boys each draw a picture of a monster and added them to a posted board with a wooden stick to put it in the ground.

monster splash sign boys

Monster Fruit Tray: My husband carved out the watermelon decorated it and  filled it with  fresh fruit inside and around the tray

Adapt a Monster: This was my favorite planning part for the party. I picked a bunch of pre made monsters up at the local Dollar store  they didn’t have enough in stock so my Mother in law made the rest of them for us.  We Stuck them all in a metal bucket and let the kids pick out the monster they wanted to adopt, once they named  them they received an adoption certificate for their monster!

Monster Photo Props: We placed them out on the table and encouraged all guests to get a picture taken with them. I emailed a copy of their pictures to each guest and printed them for a memory book for my boys. It was a lot of fun even the adults got involved!

Monster Goody Bags: I bought these at the dollar store 4 for $1.00 and glued eyes on them which also cost me$1.00 for the bag.

Monster Splash Cake: This I made myself. I don’t really make cakes often but it is the one thing my kids beg me to do for them for their birthday every year. It is very time-consuming and a lot of work but worth it to see the look in their eyes when I show them the finished cake!

Monster Cake


11 thoughts on “Monster Splash Birthday Party Ideas

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  3. This monster splash birthday party ideas looks fabulous.. I am planning to give surprise to my brother next month.. Hope, he likes it :)

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