EASY DIY Air Fresheners

Simple to make DIY air fresheners

What you will need

  • baking soda
  • essential oil scent of your choice (I use orange)
  • 250 ml wide mouth mason jar
  • scrapbook paper
  • needle
  • scissors


Fill the mason jar about 3/4 full of baking soda.

Add approx 10-15 drops of your essential oil. I usually start with 10 drops then add additional if it does not smell strong enough.

Place your mason jar lid on your piece of scrapbook paper and trace around it followed by cutting the circle out with your scissors.

Take the circle you have cut and place it in the lid and screw the lid on top of the jar.

Gently shake the jar to mix the essential oils and the baking powder ( you can also do this step after mixing the baking soda and oils)

With your needle poke holes into the top of the lid, you will probably need to poke a lot depending on the size of needle that you use.

Place the air freshener in the area of your choice.


Every few weeks  add a few more drops and shake gently.

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Work full time as a Senior Community Specialist for EA (Electronic Arts) gaming company. Mother of very active twin 6 year old boys. I am a confessed social media addict, compulsive multitasker, organization freak and Pinterest addict! Personal blogging is a newly acquired hobby. Best known for not ever sleeping :)

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