Repurposing Candle Jars

Love Bath and Body Works candles and the aroma that fills my house when they burn. The cost of them is a bit more than normal candles from department stores but the quality cannot be compared. Regular price for the large 3 wicks are approx $22.50 each Canadian but often go on sale for 2 for $22.00. This is when to buy and stock up. You also can use one of their many  coupons they also have combined with the sale price. Using the coupons usually ends up to be an additional $10.00+ off depending how much you spend.

It always saddens me when the candle is done and it’s time to toss the jars in the trash recycling bin to be picked up and taken away. The jars are so well made and the lids seal tight on top. A few weeks ago I figured out an easy way to repurpose these.

What you will need

Magic Eraser (Mr.Clean or any other brand)
Dawn liquid soap (probably could use other brands but find Dawn works the best)


1) remove the label from the front and bottom of the jars. These peel off really easy and in one piece.

2) put the candle jars in the freezer for a few hours.

3) take them out of the freezer, using a butter knife  gently scrape the wax out of the bottom of the jar (this should be easy to do with little effort if it’s not try putting back in freezer for a bit longer)

4) put a dab of dawn liquid soap inside the jar and a tiny bit of water. Using the magic eraser gently swish it around the inside and outside of the jar and it will remove any of the glue left from the labels and any residue on the inside.

5) wash and dry them by hand and they are good to go!

Not sure what I’m going to use mine for yet but the possibilities are endless!


One thought on “Repurposing Candle Jars

  1. Wow, they DO get squeaky clean! I have always refilled the empty jars with new candles, but the possibilities are endless with things a person could put in these pretty jars!

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