Ring For a Hug

This was too cute to resist buying at the Dollar store today. The plan is whenever someone in our family needs a hug they ring the bell and no matter what we are doing (some exceptions to this rule of course) we stop to take the time to give that person a hug. My boys will probably ring it constantly just for the noise of it but that’s OK with me because in return I will get a ton of squishy HUGS!


With our daily lives being so crazy now a days it’s easy to forget to do the simple things that mean the most like hugging each other often.

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About Bevypoo

Work full time as a Senior Community Specialist for EA (Electronic Arts) gaming company. Mother of very active twin 6 year old boys. I am a confessed social media addict, compulsive multitasker, organization freak and Pinterest addict! Personal blogging is a newly acquired hobby. Best known for not ever sleeping :)

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