DIY Candlestick Apothecary Jars

When I first noticed this pin on Pinterest originally pinned from  the Teal and Lime blog, I  was pinspired and instantly fell in love with them! Having just received a bedroom vanity from my husband for Christmas these where perfect and I knew I had to make them!


  • 2 candlesticks
  • 2 glass jars from the Dollar store
  • can of spray paint
  • 2 beads
  • super bonding glue

I first sprayed the candlesticks which I picked up at our local thrift store for $1.25 each with 2 coats of Dream Master Brilliant Silver in Metallic finish spray paint (purchased at Michaels). This is a quick dry spray paint so I was able to do my second coat in approx 15 minutes.

Once they were completely dry I took the 9001 super bonding glue and ran it along the edges of the candlestick top and gentle placed the jars on top pressing down lightly ensuring they were centered and left them to dry. You should leave them for at least 12 hours untouched to completely adhesive together.

The beads on top of the lids make great handles for picking up the lids. Apply the beads at any time and allow the same amount of drying time as the jars approx 12 hours.

Friends and family have complimented me on these and put in requests to make them a set. I know what everyone is getting for Christmas this year (at least all the ladies!) Total project cost was about $4.00.



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